Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Few voters say yes to Chris, no to Pam

It took only 3500 or so voters to narrowly decide who will face me in the Nov election. Chris received 1883 votes and Pam received 1647... but a win is a win. I congratulate Chris on his victory, but the numbers do show a deep division in the Democratic party here in Framingham. Even with the huge union support Pam had, 31 unions contributed to her run, the more left in the party felt Pam was out of touch with the more middle ground D's.

At least now, an intelligent debate hopefully can happen between myself and Chris. And that's all I could have hoped for. Letting the voters decide whether sending another D to the dysfunctional State House whose party is mostly responsible for all the corruption, fraud, patronage and ineffectiveness or someone who will represent all the voters of Framingham in an open and honest way, demanding an ethical government that gets things done.

Since most voters are independent in Framingham now, perhaps the other 30,000 voters who didn't vote last night will see a clear difference between Chris and I and vote thier collective concience. Not since 2002, when I got 25% of the votes against Debbie Blummer, have the voters had a real choice in the election. Democracy from the bottom up.

Let the games begin.