Sunday, June 24, 2018

Investigative Reporting at MWDN.. who would have ever guessed

In a head turner of a piece written by Jim Haddadin at the MWDN, 2 full pages and the front page  above the fold about sometimes lawyer Brian Simoneau and sometimes working for the FPD. It is beyond comprehension how he's Simoneau) has continued to work for FPD and be a lawyer in different court rooms around the State. Even after a memo from the then Town Manager, Simoneau continued to work both sides of the fence earning over 100,000 in Framingham.
During the budget process this type of flagrant fraud was uncovered, but no one the Council has the guts to do the right thing for tax payers. This could have been the nail that drove Ken from FPD. It's an embarrassment we let this continue.

The State Police OT Scam is alive and well

The Globe did another great piece on the State Cops who are once again in the news about the overtime scandal. But with a twist this time. It seems that since the Big Dig, State Cops have been manning or not little sections and buildings on or near the highway. It also appears that ALL of their time is OT time, around 680.00 per day. You have to read the whole piece to get the whole picture. Spoiler alert.. No One is doing anything about it.. even the Colonel Kerrry Gilpen and the Governor Baker suggest that reforms are progressing well. There seems no end to the amount of fraud in our State Police and no end to those who try to cover it up and ignore it.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Kiss the "Millionaires tax" good bye

From the Globe:
The Supreme Judicial Court, in a 5-2 ruling, said the initiative petition should not have been certified by Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey because it violated the “relatedness” clause of the state constitution that prohibits ballot questions from mingling unrelated subjects — in this case, taxing and spending.

 Another example of how big business has won over public sentiment with their money. I thought it was a good question, but it also allowed the legislature to use the money where they wanted, instead of road repair and education. Could have been 2 billion in revenue.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Feds and gun licenses

According to the Globe, Federal regulations mandate that anyone convicted of a misdemeanor will have their guns taken away. While hunders of gun owners will be effected, including cops who have previously been allowed to have a gun while on duty will most certainly loose their jobs. I remember one such cop here in Framingham who was not allowed to carry a gun unless he was on duty for his past discretion's. Even the Governor has stated that Police Chiefs should strip gun licensees who have misdemeanor convictions. This may also purge police departments across the State who have employees who have domestic violence convictions..

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Flag Day Parade.. should we surrender?

Over the years, I walked the parade once in 2002 and had two floats in 2 other parades since 2002 until the parades stopped in 2006. They all started at Butterfield Park I think it's called. These were grand affairs, lots of planning and coordination among many. Dog Freeman was in charge back then and I will admit, he did a good job.
This years bringing back from the moth balls Flag Day Parade was much shorter but what was the most striking was the lack of spectators. A fellow League member around longer than I said to me, "I remember when it was 10 deep the whole parade route". And he would know. In all three that I've be in, I remember no empty spaces the entire length and I think I remember more immigrants from the south side around the Memorial building as we turned onto Union.
What is it about this Town that can't draw out more residents to public family oriented events or remembrance holidays? Case in point, there are never more than a few hundred people at the Friday night concerts. The same people go every year with few new faces. 
I'll be interested to see how the MWDN spins their coverage tomorrow in the paper.
The League had some loyal member's show up and we proudly carried our banner with very good reception as we passed the police station.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The IRS, The State and State Cops

The State Police OT scam has now reached epic proportions. Now the IRS is looking into getting their share of un-taxed perks that the State cops have had for years. According to the Globe, Massachusetts could be fined and be made to pay back taxes, all the way back to 2005. According to Channel 5, 5 more Staties have resigned or retired this week after hearings were ordered. This long held perk (40 bucks a day for driving your own vehicle to work is part of the union negotiations of years past. The question is, how long will it take to have justice prevail at the State Police? This will be something Charlie Baker and Beacon Hill will have to respond to in the up-coming election. Even though AG Healy is investigating all of this, the IRS has unlimited power in these matters.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Did anyone get a letter from FPD Superior Officers Union?

I'm not sure why I would get this letter asking for money from them. The money allegedly goes to worthy causes, but who monitors that? They are not a non profit and I assume have no oversight at all. The strangest part is, the letter is from Scott Brown, President of the Union. I believe this is the same Scott Brown who urinated near a building on private property and when caught, pulled a gun on the property owner. And yes, he was found not guilty. I'm still wondering why I got this plea for donations from a union.