Wednesday, June 30, 2021

MEK's last day as CFO

 It's been 16 years. She has done wonders for this Town and put up with a lot of bulls..t from Cannon. I can't imagine how hard it will be to find a replacement given the tensions between the Mayor and council in hiring someone.

G King made an appropriate speech about her last day at the council meeting, thankfully. I had asked him in an email to say something nice about her service to this community. George was leaving as she was starting years ago and had a part in hiring her.

I hope the Mayor's staff threw MEK a nice going away party.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Could Mrs.Robinson be going to Washington DC?

 From MasterList:

Rep. Maria Robinson is reportedly among the front runners to replace the commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Utility Dive's Catherine Morehouse reports. A final nominee has not been revealed but the White House has been vetting the second-term representative.

The Framingham Democrat previously served as director of wholesale markets at Advanced Energy Economy. Robinson did not immediately respond to a MassterList request for comment

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Property Exclusion form for NO Property Mosquito Spraying

 In years past, somewhere around March I think, we got an opt-out form from the Clerks office. It appears that will not happen and if your concerned about your property being sprayed and want to opt-out go to:


They are starting this week so do it soon if you want to save the bees and limit your exposure to the chemical.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Over kill response by first responders

 Yesterday my 80 year old Vietnam Veteran neighbor had a medical emergency and called 911 late in the afternoon. EMS and FFD have been there many times to pick him up and shuttle him to the hospital. My wife called me from the back 40 and said there's a fire truck here. When I get to the front yard, a ladder truck with 4 guys, and ambulance with 2 guys and 4 cruisers with one officer in each, converge on the road. You might have thought there was a terrorist in the back yard.

This has been a gripe of mine for 20 years. Why so many employee's of the Town have to show up for a simple patient transfer to the hospital is wasteful imo. Mind you, the patient walked out of his home with the aid of his walker to the ambulance.

To make matters look even more wasteful, all the cops had a parlay for about 15 minutes and stayed for over 30 minutes just shooting the breeze. 

I still see very little justification for a ladder truck with personal to go to each ambulance call. And there is no need for 4 cruisers to show up either, especially in this part of Town.

It's been a month since Jasmyn Beatty was found dead at Halstead Apts

 The MWDN did a story on this terrible crime against a women at the Halstead Apartments on Rte 9. The reporter interview a few residents and got from them that there are no cameras in the entrances and the locks are rarely working. Attempts to reach the owners in another state have not been successful.

No one from the council or FPD has made any statements about the security there or anywhere else in Town. I found out that there is a building code law that requires the owners of buildings to maintain entrance locks and fined considerably if they don't. I've written to Mike Tusino for clarification.

So while the king of ordinances flexes his muscle and creates rules that may restrict residents in some way, why not an ordinance for apartment buildings over 10 apartments that all must have 24-7 camera surveillance at the entrance doors. And at very least, all entrance doors must have working locks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

From the Rules Committee.. how to get even with the Mayor


Have a look at the unconstitutional ordinance John boy has put forward. The Rules Committee members are John Stefanini, Tracey Bryant, Philip Ottaviani

Petition to prohibit the use of public resources or property for political activity

1) Public forums or debates sponsored by a non-partisan group and duly permitted;

2) The personal campaign gear held or worn by an individual;

3) Collection of signatures for a petition by an individual; and,

4) Political rallies duly permitted

 I can't wait to challenge this crazy ordinance in court.  No one can peacefuly protest at the Town Hall? are you kidding John? Hold a rally on the common as long as it's permitted by the government. Since your favorite coarse in law school was constitutional law, I wonder what your professors would think you had missed a few classes. I myself have been on the steps of the Memorial Building a few times over the years without a permit to do so. I believe I'm excising my right to assemble. I hope when Petrini sees this hog wash much of this will just go away.