Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Article 25, Wind Turbine By-law


Below is the full version, 8 pages, of Article 25, for the upcoming Town Meeting. The bottom line to this latest assault on our rights to capture what wind happens on our property. Some on their side believe it doesn't go far enough in the prohibition of all wind turbines while some state they are not pleased with the proposal, but, like so many other times we hear, it's the best we can come up with and we need a By-Law anyway.

This country, meaning us, are at the dawn of renewable energy. It's benefits to the environment and our self reliance are beyond comprehension. The Leader of the free world, our President Obama, clearly and unmistakably supports wind energy and hundreds of millions of dollars are and will be pumped into this newest of opportunities for the average American. A 30% tax credit and buy back program will make this technology more easily affordable and will have shorter pay back times. Green energy appliances on properties will increase the value of your home and business will see real savings in the costs of doing business.

This By-Law proposal denies us, just above average Americans who want to be more self sufficient and globally aware, the right to have any wind turbines on our property... at any height. A few businesses and public buildings will be able to have them (wind turbines) on their roofs and a few in the business zones, but to have a small unit on your home, you would have to have an acre and half for the set back requirement.

There are huge difference in wind energy devices, just like cars, bikes, boats, trailers, etc etc. No difference in the wind energy device market either. The units you read about and see around Mass are 250 feet... plus in the air and their swept area is larger than my home. But there are, coming soon, wind energy devices that are manufactured and tested under strict guidelines that will sit 30 to 50' in the air and even on your homes. This By-Law will take away any right to the wind on our property plain and simple. It's not fair and flies in the face of what this country and almost every country around the world is doing today, promoting green energy via wind turbines.

If anyone agrees with this premise, please, contact you precinct reps. They are listed on the Town Web Site. Tell them, it's UN American, we should have the right to the wind on our property. We have flag poles with flags on them don't we?


The Quinn Bill, will it ever be stopped?

From the Globe:

Massachusetts police unions have won enough early support in the House to restore $50 million to the budget and protect generous pay bonuses for police officers who hold college degrees, securing a potential victory even as groups representing the homeless and disadvantaged struggle for funding.

Police already have at least 81 representatives signed up to back their cause, a majority of the 160-member House, assuring a win during next week's budget debate unless House leaders try to reverse the tide.

The so-called Quinn Bill, passed in 1970, awards thousands of dollars in extra money to police officers who have earned college degrees, and it has long been a source of complaints about unfair and expensive union benefits.

The rapid success by the powerful police unions, scored just a few days after the House Ways and Means Committee unveiled the $50 million cut Wednesday, stands in contrast to the uphill battle facing social-service advocates who are lobbying lawmakers to restore funding to fight homelessness, provide home care to the elderly, and feed the needy.

If the House gives back this funding it will clearly show how beholding legislators are to law enforcement. This is just another example of government gone wrong.