Thursday, April 1, 2010

Place your bets, Bush broke the law, another questionable drug

Get ready casino fans, DeLeo, Murray and Patrick all have different ideas on slots and casinos and it's that polarity that will stall the cash cow from delivering. In closed door meetings, DeLeo's inner circle have devised a bill that would collect 25% of the revenue of two casinos, which may generate 250 to 300 million. The state would also sell licenses which may bring in another 75 to 100 million. Slots are opposed by Patrick and Murray. A compromise has to be worked out and it's my guess, casinos are still years away. One more player at the table has not been heard from lately and it's my guess, the Indians will be the first to the prize and I'm not sure, the Indians, being a sovereign nation, would have to pay the same rate.

Remember way back when it was announced by then President Bush, that in the interest of national security, new rules were adopted to spy on Americans? Well civil liberty fans, a federal judge has ruled that the surveillance without warrants was illegal. Defendants will now be able to seek damages, including punitive damages. Obama has tried his best to hide this action by Bush as it will open up huge cans of worms that will reveal much more of the illegal action taken by an administration who didn't follow the rules.

Another 'better living through chemistry" drug Avodart, a prostate cancer preventive medicine has shown to increase the risk of heart failure. Glaxo spokesperson is quoted as saying, "The higher heart failure rate in this study is unexpected and inconsistent with previous research". Years from now, this will a understatement. Look for ligation in 2 years on this one.