Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another political scandal, Teachers Association boycotts Race to the Top

A federal grand jury is investigating allegations of public corruption against DA Michael O'Keefe, that resulted from a wire tap of an alleged bookmaker operation more than a year ago.

Authorities are looking into whether O'Keefe protected alleged bookmakers operating on the Cape and gave favorable treatment to the grandson of one of them in an unrelated criminal case.

Look for this to make headlines if indeed, O'Keefe or his office are implicated in wrong doing. Although he's an elected R, it may well turn out that we see more D's and R's go down this year for yet undiscovered wrong doing. Those connected to the Amy Bishop case are being grilled as we speak and would not surprise me to see someone go down for that also.

I've seen it all now. The second largest teachers union in the State has decided to boycott the application to the "Race to the Top" program offered by Obama, perhaps jeopardizing 250 million in grant money. All this over rules set forth for teacher and school performance. Paul Reville, our states education chief is quoted in the Globe as saying, "the federations boycott constitutes a real threat to our capacity to be successful with this proposal".

Sad to see how much power the unions have over our children s education future.

Only 4,000 show up to vote

Another lack luster showing for the over 30k voters in this Town. Only the hard core vote now in local elections and while some say it's just voter apathy, I say, the Town and the print media does not want to see 30k voters show up to vote and does little to support more interest.

The outcome of low voter turn out will keep things just as they are.