Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beacon Hill Roll Call

20 of the States 40 senators did list any days and did not request any per diems for 2009. This does not mean that those who didn't file for per diems, weren't there, it just means they didn't file for the per diems. Karen Spilka did not file for any per diems, but Scott Brown got 2,500 for 99 days, Harriett Chandler got 3,900 for 111 days, James Eldridge got 2,500 for 106 days, Richard Moore got 2,700 for 57 days, James Timilty got 1,600 for 93 days and Marian Walsh got 410.00 for 41 days.

Tax free money for traveling to work at an average salary of 61,000.00

Attendance at the State House from our reps. Richardson 98.5%. missed 3 roll calls, Sannicandro the same, Linsky missed 9, Kahn missed 15, Naughton missed 48, John Rogers missed 18. Just a handful of the reps from this area made it to work 100% of the time.

Moving Vietnam Wall... POW MIA Day

For those of you who haven't experienced the tribute to our fallen soldiers, consider heading out to Millennium Park (field C) in West Roxbury on September 17th to the 21st. A nightly ceremony will begin at 6PM.

As someone who could have gone and should have gone, I personally have so much sadness in my heart for those and their families who volunteered or were drafted and are now memorialized on the moving wall that travels around the country reminding us all of the sacrifices that so many have given.

POW MIA Day is September 18th. There are still many who are unaccounted for and here in Mass there are 39 men still to this day, unaccounted for from the Vietnam war.
There are, depending on who you believe, around 1700 still unaccounted for during the Vietnam war and only recently have we heard that two POW MIA's from the Iraq war were found, one from Mass. Some bone fragments around a US fighter jet have been uncovered in Laos and once in a while do we read about another servicemen s' family finally getting closer on their loved ones.

While our government still searches for POW MIA's, long past the time when they could have done more, as Americans, we owe it to our servicemen and to their the families to make dam sure, who ever goes off to war, is brought home.

With two wars raging now, causalities mounting, with no sense of when these conflicts will ever end, the brave men and women who go off to war, put themselves in harms way, we should never forget those who are prisoners or missing in action, ever.

Not enough water in Framingham?

I'll bet most of you have heard about Framingham's decision to go after stimulus money for tapping into some abandoned wells near the Wayland town line. The rub, if Framingham does this, 3.8 million dollars in rate increases would have to be applied to all the other Towns who are served by the MWRA, lower lake levels and threaten the Sudbury river.

Having our own water source certainly makes sense to me and I was a proponent of this years ago, after all, if the wells can be cleaned up, why not use the water right here. What I didn't consider was the amount of money other's would have to pay and the environmental impact such work would have on our community.

Let's see what the Feds and State watch dogs have to say about this.

Will Joe Kennedy run?

The big question for the day. If so, the others should just wait their turn. If not, the others, and there are many, have huge sums of money to throw at a campaign. Interestingly, the 4.5 million left in Ted's account would not be able to be used, the election laws state that the maximum is 2,000.00 that could come from Ted's war chest to help Joe. But the families worth, in the billions would not likely hinder Joe or any other family member from doing anything.

There's Coakley, Lynch, Capuono, Healy, Markey,and a host of political neanderthals just waiting for Joe to speak.

My money is on Joe. Only a Kennedy could start to fill a Kennedy's legacy.