Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dover review, Pam is on a roll...

Rep Richardson has filled two bills to help Framingham deal with the Dover Amendment. One bill says that the Commonwealth will reimburse the Town for lost tax revenue from tax exempt property and another would eliminate the ability of the tax exempt corporations to by pass zoning and planning departments.

All well and good, but if anyone thinks the state, who is in terrible financial shape will reimburse Framingham for over 200 tax exempt property's may need a reality shake. Even the useless former State Rep John Stasik is quoted as saying, "doesn't think her proposal will gain traction".

Framingham falls under the 5% cap by 3 tenths of a percentage point. Does this mean 2 or three more non profits could set up here?

I do believe the defination of what "educational" means is what needs to be more clearly defined. Some have tried to change Dover but are pushed back by the illusion of discrimination by the academic and social service groups, all of which heavily support the D crowd at election time.

One could call it pandering to the voter, but something must be done about Dover in this State and specifically in Framingham. If anyone wants to hear from the horses mouth, she is hosting a political open house at Annies Book Shop in the Nobscott shopping center on September 21 at 6:30 PM. The place could hold 20 people, maybe, so camp outside the night before to get a good seat.

Heckling the President

Watching Obama last night..... and hearing the "Liar" comment thrown out by a R from S. Carolina leads me to believe, no other subject to date has created such anger and disrespect as this health care reform debates.

We've entered into 4 wars, financial calamity, huge budget deficits, bail outs by the bucket loads and no one is calling the President a liar in joint session. Just talking about health care reform is bad for civility.

The field of canidates grows larger.. still

While it is disappointing not to see Joe Kennedy run, did anyone catch the salary he makes at his non profit? 535,000.00, your not making that in the Senate. Joe chickened out... for his own reasons and that's that.

The list of want-to-be's is still growing on the D senate side, Mihos has switched again and said he will run for Governor and not for the Senate, Baker is in on the R side, with perhaps Brown and a former Bush aid form Holbrook perhaps running to fill Ted's seat.

And then there's Cahill, who is bucking the system and running as the independent. Perhaps he could be the anointed leader of a movement to take back the State House in 2010.

Millions and millions will be spent from now till the elections next year and the majority of money raised will not come from working class, it will come from big business and special interests.

We will get, what they pay for.

Beacon Hill Roll Call

More on the per diems:

Richardson got 954.00 for going to work 53 days, Linsky got 1600.00 for 89 days, Sannicandro got 1300.00 for 50 days, Gregorie got 2400.00 for 94 days.

The lowest salary any new Sate Rep can make is 68,939.00 while the highest is 96,439.00

The total amount of money for per diems for Reps and Senators was 300,000.00 for this year.

Is it fair to the taxpayer for local reps to get paid to travel to Beacon Hill?