Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did you know... some legislators pay no taxes on their state house salary?

I only read this in the paper last week. Beacon Hill Roll Call is the most voter friendly, informative news that can only be found in the paper.

1/3 third of our elected 200 reps pay no federal taxes on their State House salary. Those who live over 50 miles are eligible for a special tax break. The 1981 federal law allows them to take a daily wage for 365 days a year as a deduction, whether or not they actually go to the State House or stay home. The daily rate is between 267 and 320 per day, or yearly 87 to 116K.

Health Insurance for 330,00 thousand current and former employee's, their families and dependents are offered 9 health insurance plans fro the Group Insurance Commission. The plans for family range from 971 to 1786.00 monthly. Single plans range from 404 to 755.00. If elected before June 30, 1993, the state pays 75 % of premium, if elected after June 30, 2003, the State pays 75% of premiums.

35 Dem Senators and 5 Gop Senators will get bonus this year, the legislature decided that over the past few years. Karen Spilka makes 83,639.00 as a base salary.

Our reps get an annual general expenses of 7,200.00 yearly, they do have to claim it on a 1099, but they don't have to say how they spent it.

They make out like drug lords.....

Who.. is considering a run?

Stephen Pagliuca - who only weeks ago made a bid to buy the Boston Globe - is “seriously considering,” a darkhorse bid to run for the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s vacated seat, according to a source close to the Weston Democrat.

Pagliuca’s wild card entry into the race would raise deep doubts as to whether he’ll purchase the Morrissey Boulevard broadsheet. It would also shake up a race currently dominated by well-known, experienced pols such as Attorney General Martha Coakley.

“There is a role for a credible alternative in this race,” said a source who’s discussed the campaign with Pagliuca. “He’s someone who brings a lot of experience on the economy and health care.”

A challenger to Coakley.... he certainly has the money to play, the question is, does a novice belong in the Senate to fill Ted's chair? I can't imagine what left winger would vote for him over Coakley

The I's have it

By a vote of 240 to 179, the House has spoken with a vote of disapproval for the breech of protocol displayed by Congressman Wilson last week at the Presidents address to the Joint Session. Perhaps if only the man would have apologized to the House, none of this would have happened. The blue right would have looked foolish piling on Mr. Wilson after that.

This can't help the big picture, but the left is so intrenched with being the left.. you can bet... the left will certainly retaliate.. and the beat goes on, more tea parties, millions unemployed, poverty and hunger, more soldiers die in Afghanistan and I'm not sure yet... whether health care reform will include illegal aliens.

one more reason for a third group of like minded realistic middle-of-the-roadists who are representing the general well being of this countries population.