Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Charging inmates

In a unanimous decision, the States Supreme court ruled that rogue sheriff (Hodgson) from Bristol County CANNOT charge inmates 5 dollars a day for room and board, prescriptions, haircuts, medical appointments and 12.50 for GED tests. The court order will make him pay back, 750,000 dollars he collected from 2002 to 04. God help him if he used that money for his own purpose.

The sheriff cites a centuries old English law in his reasoning for charging inmates. The Legislature is the only body that would decide this and the sheriff is lobbying support. Lets see if gains traction over this.

School reorganazation, new sewer and lawsuits

If you have little children in Framingham, you might want to find out how this will effect your kids next year and year after. More information can be addressed to

If you missed last nights BoS meeting: they decided to call for a special town meeting to consider two articles. One... to approve spending more money on sewer improvements 1.3 million to 1.5 million in the Framingham Tech Park. This money spent would allow a 150 million dollar expansion project to that area and could bring in nearly 1 million in revenue, down the road. Seems like the right thing to do... but it's clear, as seen on TV last night, the BoS had no idea this was coming and furthers the cause for a new way to govern here in Framingham.

The other article on tap would be to approve more legal fee's, not know as of now, to fend off a lawsuit from Nexum Corp against the Planning Boards decision to not allow a 25 lot cluster housing development (Fords Meadow) off of Nixon Road. Last spring a judge already ruled in favor of the planning board. The Town has already spent 300,000 in this case. It will be interesting to see how much more the Town has to spend on this.

Offshore wind farms in Mass

Some good news for wind energy fans. The Sate has designated certain area's off our coast to build wind farms. The plan allows for 266 wind turbines, 166 in two areas for commercial farms and 100 more turbines up and down the coast in smaller community projects.

Despite the now recognized request by two Indian tribes to prevent wind farms on their sacred grounds, which now are under water, the Feds have said they will bring all parties to the table in Washington next week and hammer out a compromise. If that can't happen, the feds are ready to pull the national park status of the waters off Cape Cod.

The Indians want clear sight to the horizon and now that the Park Service has designated Nantucket Sound as a national historic site, fisherman, ferries and even builders who build on land near the ocean, could be stopped in their tracks.

They must find a solution to these continued delays and soon.