Friday, January 8, 2010

Breathalizers in cars

From the Globe: Since 2006, 4000 units have been deployed in cars of those drunk drivers convicted twice, when applying for license reinstatement or hardship appeals.
Of the hundreds who have gone through the program, only 30 have been arrested and convicted a third time, a recidivism rate of under 2%.

While a third of the people arrested for drunk driving each year, or about 18,000 are repeat offenders. 18,000 drunk drivers are caught last year... and wonder how many are not caught? The numbers could be staggering and I wonder why 18,000 devices were not used, instead of 4000.... there's clearly a need for them.

Their linning up to replace Deval

Cahill picks Loscocco for his running mate. The former house rep from Holliston from 2001-2008, switched from the R side to the Independent side. The press reports that he was asking to be Bakers running mate and even donated to Bakers campaign. Two former party loyalists will have their work cut out, trying to distance themselves from the partisan bickering that consumes Beacon Hill.

A voice from the past, Jill Stien, from the Green Rainbow party will announce her candidacy this month for the governors chair. Her platform will include taking back Beacon Hill from lobyists, the envirment, healthcare and jobs.

So we have for the R's, Baker and Tesi, Mihos and ?, No D's challenging Deval, two Independents Cahill and Loscocco and a Green Party candidate. We need now only a Libertarian to make a full house. With an estimated 10 million dollars to run for Governor, one has to wonder, how many promises and favors will it take to raise that type of money. 2010... year of change, hopefully.