Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last nights debate on PBS

With the usual disdain the media and the party loyalist have for third party candidates, it was good to see that all candidates were asked the same questions. But as usual, the media choose not to put out much of what Mr. Kennedy had said in reply to the questions.

Brown was on the attack and Coakley on her heels as the usual party line differences took over the answers. From the far left in Brown, to the far right in Coakley, one can see easily, how dysfunctional either candidate will be in the house that breeds indifference in Washington. Heath Care reform, terrorism, tax cuts, spending, are hot button items to talk about, but when either of the two parties try to reach a reasonable conclusion, to anything lately, nothing gets done for the people at the bottom.

Mr. Kennedy showed real poise and class, every ready with real answers that most independent thinkers would somewhat agree with. Calling out Brown's fiscal conservativeness must have been a shock to Brown, but Kennedy was right in doing so. Voting for Mr. Kennedy would not be a protest vote, nor a wasted vote like the party loyalists contend. Voting your conscience, or for a candidate that speaks to you, especially a candidate who wants smaller government, less war, reasonable tax cuts with decreased spending at the Federal level is something that crosses both party lines.

Those who pay attention to what government is doing, would have to admit, that the two party system is and has failed us. There's no room for compromise, common sense, but plenty of room for the 600 million dollars paid to lobbyists last year, plenty of room for illegal and unethcial behavior, plenty of space for closed door negotiations and secrecy. The ONLY way to slow down and stop this abusive system, that we call democracy, is to vote for people who represent us and not the parties that have caused most of our problems in the past 30 years. Kennedy is the only candidate that would break the cycle of business as usual in Washington.