Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Horror in Haiti

The untold catastrophic disaster that's unfolding now is beyond even what now we know as disasters. The death toll may reach 500,000, with 40 to 45 thousand Americans living in Haiti, a far away tragedy, in the most poorest of nations, await help from the world, primarily the US. Upwards of a third of the country has been effected. The worse natural disaster to hit this country in 200 years is now being covered by reporters on the scene. Look for the very worst voyeuristic TV at its best for weeks. My sincere and utmost admiration for those who will go there and look for life and I'm glad to see our President, step to the plate and get troops and relief supplies on the ground their.

Many groups are already there... if you wish to donate. Salvation Army, Oxfam, Red Cross, Catholic Charities, to name a few.

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Google wants to know what kind of troubles you are having? Any information you can give would be appreciated.