Monday, January 25, 2010

Public Safey Alert....... who's kidding who?

For those who didn't see the hard copy of Sunday's MWDN.... page A9, 1/4 page add, sponsored by, Framingham Police Officers Union. It reads.. top to bottom.

Strength in Unity

Public Safety Alert

Police Officers Union
needs your support.

The Town Manager and the Police Chief are refusing to support education of their Police Officers.

Contact them NOW!

Lets not send
Law Enforcement back
to the dark ages.

The future of law enforcement is at stake

Framingham Police Officers Union
P.O. Box 2292
Framingham, Ma 01703

This is all about the cuts in the Quinn funding at the State level... which is still to high and should be taken out of the budget completely. Some Towns have relented and picked up the lack of Quinn Bill funding at the expense of the local tax payers, who never agreed to pay this at all. The "perk" that is a political football, is coming under attack, rightfully so. The notion that cops are not good cops, because they lack a degree, is propaganda at best. Law Enforcement's allies on the Hill must not allow the bullies to threaten public safety in the name of preserving their perk, which was a payoff to cops who supported the ruling elite way back when, the Quinn Bill was first passed. The Police Union should be recognized as just another bullie, scaring residents with propaganda.