Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SO much money was rasied in 10 days before the election

Last weeks election brought home what many feel is what's wrong with our political system. The Globe reports that 23 million was spent by both sides with Brown spending 8.7 million, about a million a day. So much so, that he couldn't spend the money fast enough and will now have 4 million in his war chest to run again in less than two years. Coakley spent 5.1 million. The D's spent another 4.3 million. Seven outside interest groups spent 2.7 to help Brown while five groups spent 1.8 million on Coakley's campaign. Big companies who were for and against health care reform have way to much money to spend, thanks in part, to our own complacency and greed and our willingness to let the rich dictate to us how we will live.

Nothing good will come of this ever and now that corporations will have equal access to campaign for or against a candidate in elections, thanks to the Supreme court ruling, money spent on elections in 2010 and 2012 will make this years race, look like pocket change.