Friday, January 29, 2010

Wind Turbine By-Law delayed again

Last month when the Planning Board met, public comment was sought in the "residentail" part of the wind turbine zonning by-law. The latest revsion of the By-Law, Rev 10, had been updated with a higher allowed roof height and more regulations that would have effected large, utlity grade turbines, something this Town will never see.

When the meeting started, the Chairwomen wondered out loud if two sepertae zonning by-laws would be better than one, one residential, one commercial. It was also brought up that the issue of crafting a by-law was "very difficult and that the board should hire a consultant.

When public comment, all be it 10 minutes, was allowed, one of this Towns most ardent detractors once again, rambled on about how bad wind turbines are and how bad it would be for the town to allow them here. The highlight of the night came when the second zealot stood before the board and spun his coat in a circle, asking, "do you want to see this"? The last speaker was another in the "Dirty Dozen" who appose anything and everything. She was even more outrageous in claiming autism would somehow be related to wind turbines.

Having great respect for the Planning Board and the job they do, I'm dismayed over their reasoning for delaying action and even more dismayed that a group of otherwise intelligent people, who deal with technical issues every week, couldn't follow through will a by-law. Adding insult to injury, they will ask tax payers to pay for a consultant.

It's even more amazing to me, how an entire board can give any credence to a select few in this Town, (appointed by selectman) that have no knowledge of what they talk about, spread fear amongst the less informed, use mis-formation, lies and outright propaganda to make their point.

I'm very disappointed that the PB didn't see through the smoke and put down the fires that have scorched attempts at allowing this Town to move into the 21st century.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

5.3 million Toyota's recalled

How in the world did it get to this point? First a recall in Europe and now in the US. And now, they stop all manufacturing. And no one really knows for sure if it's floor mats or something else that causes the car to speed up. It will take years for Toyota to completely recover from this, if they can't identify the problems. How fortunate are we that it wasn't Ford, Chevy or Chrysler, as it would probably break a US maker with that many cars recalled.

Deval shows his cards for 2011 budget game

Deval has submitted a budget 28.2 billion dollars for 2011, which includes increase taxes on candy, soft drinks and tobacco. He will trim tax incentives to the film industry and eliminate hundreds of jobs. Based on an expected revenue increase of 3.2%, Deval has increased the budget by 3%. His budget relies on one time federal money, revenues keeping pace with projections and legislative approval. The one time federal money is 1.9 billion. The Feds would have to approve another round of stimulus money for Deval's budget plan to work. He would also take another 175 million from the reserve account.

Taxing candy would generate 52 million in revenue, taxing smokeless tobacco would generate another 15 million, (a 2 dollar cigar jumps up to $4.46), 20 million would be raised by a .5 cent deposit on bottled water as well as coffee based and sports drinks.

The 800 million in spending cuts, include, 5 million from the Quinn Bill, 3 million from State Parks and 9 million in job training.

Deval and the dysfunctional State House partners and all his rivals will line up to take shots at him over this and I still contend, local aid will suffer at some point during these negotiations. DeLeo will fight Deval at every possible point as he said today on TV, he's not sure local aid will not be cut. We have until July to see how many of his proposal will fly and if the economy doesn't pick up as he thought, this budget may just be a waste of time and paper it was written on and the duck and cover crowd will hang Deval out to dry, along with the challengers.

State of the Union

I'll bet ratings for this event last night hit all time highs. This Amercian has and will continue to be impressed with the President and his speech writers. He still remains our best hope for recovery and is the countries best cheerleader. I think he called out the R's and the D's as he should have, called out the SJC as he should have and highlighted the continual big money influence that has stalled his attempts at any meaningful reforms of any kind.

I liked what he said about jobs creation in green energy, tax breaks for middle class, college dept exclusion, ending the war in Iraqi bringing our troops home and tax breaks for businesses that hire new employees.

It was very telling and reflective of the deep divisions that separate the two parties and one should question why the R's didn't stand up and applaud job creation. And while some, including this American, feel a halt to spending increases for discretionary funding is way past due.

Overall, his plans seem to be what we need to move away from this recession and he seemed to throw out a carrot to the R's on several fronts, none that I believe in, like more nuke plants, more offshore and public land exploration of oil and gas and he did remind us all, of what he inherited. Americans seem to forget that quickly.

The most pathetic, scripted, left wing response from the R's last night, talks a familiar talk, with all the key phrases and bullet points, and references to our founding fathers, working together to find answers to our problems. But the reality is that the hard left and hard right, can't get anything done for the people.

The biggest question, who's answer may not be clear for several years, do we buy our way out of this mess or do we just give tax breaks to the already rich and let trickle down economics restore millions of jobs?.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Plus Side... homes sales are up, unemployment not as bad, as it could be

The UE rate here in Framingham is 6.5%, much lower than the State average of over 9%. I know this news in not great for many of us, but it could be much worse. Comparing us to other Towns doesn't make anyone feel better, but it is good to know, we are not losing ground. I was reminded by the authors that we in Framinghgam and surrounding areas were suffering big time with job loses from 1988 to 1992.

Not since 2004 have there been any rises in new home sales. In 2009, single family home rose by 3%, mostly because of the 8,000 dollar home buying credit offered by the feds. Say what you will about stimulus spending, or the lack of jobs created, which is up for debate, but the money used for buying homes is a dam good use and will continue until April. The median home price in December, up 10% from December last year, is 295,000.

Now we know.. Fire deaths and overall crime are way down in our State.

From the Globe, we learn that fire deaths are at the lowest levels since the 40's. Excellent news. And from the feds, we learned weeks ago, crime is at a all time low in the country. Excellent news, in light of what some in law enforcement had predicted in this bad economy, low level crime, would increase.

In our Town, these two departments have increased their ranks and budgets with scare tactics and loyalists who will defend those increases with more propaganda than a DARE meeting. Bottom line folks, it's time for Framingham to cut some fat from the two big bullies in Town. Perhaps in the race to replace the two ancient icons at the BOS, will come some seriuos talk about reducing the cost of government tax payers have to pay for and stop being conned into more raises.

Deval in Natick last night.. did anyone know?

Deval's campaign is in full swing, stopping by the Natick Library last night to roll out "Embrace Your Future" as a feel good program for planning early for long term medical care. If you are interested in knowing more about this program you can get a flier from, or by calling 1.866.PLAN-LC.

Deval is also pushing for more pension reform, capping annual benefits at 85K and increasing the retirement age, change the formula for pension calculations. Some of the provisions would apply to new and current state employees, while others would only apply to new employees.

I doubt that anything will come of this maneuver, as we all witnessed what happened when he pushed for pension reform before. Any reasonable proposal by the Governor has been cut down by the Legislator, and this one will be no exception. It effects to many of the ruling party.

He is still claiming, local aid will not be reduced this year. Common sense tells me that this just can't happen. The State is in a bigger hole now and when stimulus money is gone, we face very real deficits. Even Senate Pres Murray stated that the 2011 budget will be the worst ever.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SO much money was rasied in 10 days before the election

Last weeks election brought home what many feel is what's wrong with our political system. The Globe reports that 23 million was spent by both sides with Brown spending 8.7 million, about a million a day. So much so, that he couldn't spend the money fast enough and will now have 4 million in his war chest to run again in less than two years. Coakley spent 5.1 million. The D's spent another 4.3 million. Seven outside interest groups spent 2.7 to help Brown while five groups spent 1.8 million on Coakley's campaign. Big companies who were for and against health care reform have way to much money to spend, thanks in part, to our own complacency and greed and our willingness to let the rich dictate to us how we will live.

Nothing good will come of this ever and now that corporations will have equal access to campaign for or against a candidate in elections, thanks to the Supreme court ruling, money spent on elections in 2010 and 2012 will make this years race, look like pocket change.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Public Safey Alert....... who's kidding who?

For those who didn't see the hard copy of Sunday's MWDN.... page A9, 1/4 page add, sponsored by, Framingham Police Officers Union. It reads.. top to bottom.

Strength in Unity

Public Safety Alert

Police Officers Union
needs your support.

The Town Manager and the Police Chief are refusing to support education of their Police Officers.

Contact them NOW!

Lets not send
Law Enforcement back
to the dark ages.

The future of law enforcement is at stake

Framingham Police Officers Union
P.O. Box 2292
Framingham, Ma 01703

This is all about the cuts in the Quinn funding at the State level... which is still to high and should be taken out of the budget completely. Some Towns have relented and picked up the lack of Quinn Bill funding at the expense of the local tax payers, who never agreed to pay this at all. The "perk" that is a political football, is coming under attack, rightfully so. The notion that cops are not good cops, because they lack a degree, is propaganda at best. Law Enforcement's allies on the Hill must not allow the bullies to threaten public safety in the name of preserving their perk, which was a payoff to cops who supported the ruling elite way back when, the Quinn Bill was first passed. The Police Union should be recognized as just another bullie, scaring residents with propaganda.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The man who was beaten to death at a check-point

I hope all would remember this case from Nov, when a Worcester man who allegedly caused Sheriffs thugs, local cop thugs and jack booted State cops to beat a man to death for allegedly hitting an officer. The medical examiner ruled 45 year old Thomas Howe had died of "blunt impact of the head and torso with compression of the chest". The fact that the medical examiner has taken this long to determine cause of death leaves me no option but to think cover-up. This two month period could have given those time to manipulate evidence and build story lines.

Mr Howes crime was that he was in possession of a joint and had refused to leave the vehicle. Keep in mind, after a brief chase, Mr. Howe was in hand cuffs and leg irons, according to the globe. The thugs actually recorded some of what happened with photo graphs that span 11 minutes.

As I had written back in November, the thugs had said Mr. Howe had a look about him that caused them to focus on him.

Justice better be served here.

Selectman Candidates for Framingham

Harold Wolfe and Tom Mahoney have turned in their signatures along with the incumbent party ruling elitists, Estey and Sisitsky. At least they will face some opposition this year and to replace the two that have kept Framingham in the 50's era could only be good for this Town. It's just to bad, a R candidate couldn't have the guts to be on the ballot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supreme Court eases restrictions on corporate campaign spending

From CNN: In a 5 to 4 ruling, the Supreme court just dealt a sever blow to those of us who contend that big business is running our elections.

In dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, "In a democratic society, the long-standing consensus on the need to limit corporate campaign spending should outweigh the wooden applications of judge-made rules."

He added, "The court's ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions around the nation."

The case was the first one heard on the bench for newest Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and she voted in dissent with her three more liberal colleagues.

The issue hinged on whether corporations' ability to pour money into election campaigns could be strictly regulated, or whether corporations have free-speech rights to spend their cash to influence elections, just as individual donors do.

In this ruling, the justices also nullified earlier rulings upholding the core of a 6-year-old federal law aimed at curbing corporate campaign spending. Under current law, there are severe restrictions on campaign ads used by corporations for federal elections. They generally must be issue-focused -- talking about abortion or taxes, for instance -- and not expressly supporting or opposing a candidate. Those limits have now been generally removed.

The specific case grew out of a documentary on Hillary Clinton. Produced last year by the conservative Citizens United, "Hillary: The Movie" was a scorching attack on the then-presidential candidate. The filmmakers wanted to promote it during the heat of the 2008 primary season, but a federal court blocked any ads, as well as airings on cable television's video on demand.

On that specific question, the justices ruled against Citizens United, saying federal restrictions on broadcast ads are appropriate.

"Citizens United's narrower arguments are not sustainable under a fair reading of the statute," Kennedy wrote.

The Washington-based nonprofit corporation and advocacy organization balked at campaign finance rules that would have required disclosure of its financial backers, and restrictions on when the film could air. It was financed with a mix of corporate and individual donations.

Navigating the complex, ever-evolving landscape of election money rules has spurred a cottage industry of financial, political and legal armies, ready to do battle over the money and the message. The crux of this dispute, like others before it, is just how far the government may go to regulate campaign spending and campaign ads.

In his opinion, Kennedy acknowledged that, but said Americans should be trusted to decide competing election issues.

"The appearance of influence or access," he wrote, "will not cause the electorate to lose faith in our democracy."

"Our nation's speech dynamic is changing, and informative voices should not have to circumvent onerous restrictions to exercise their First Amendment rights," Kennedy said. "The censorship we now confront is vast in its reach."

But Stevens, who read part of his harsh dissent from the bench, said, "The court's opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self-government since the founding."

Our founding fathers are rolling around in their graves. Look for this move to make a huge difference in this years elections.

More cuts on the way

The days of wine and roses are long gone in these economic times. Towns like Natick are talking about laying off cops and in Framingham, the school budget for 2011 is 10 million dollars short. It's unclear if the reorganization of schools will help with the deficit, retirements may be slim help, but the overall problem lies in the lucrative contracts that the unions have gotten, with the help of the party loyalists who get their support from the very same people.

This year and perhaps for the next few years, a more reasonable approach should be reached by all parties, including all the teacher unions, cops and fireman in this State. Gone are the days when money just flowed into our coffers and it's way past time, the so called leaders of this Town, get with the program and stop giving in to the entitlement crowd. Lay offs should start with the assistant to the Town Manager, a few lieutenants from police and fire departments before any more time passes. I will not put up with reckless spending on law suits, police overtime for details, overstaffed fire houses and mismanaged road projects. And in case the ruling eleite try an overide or more tax increases, I say... forgetaboutit.

Edwards admits to what we already knew

The darling of the Democratic party and presidential hopeful John Edwards has finally come out and admitted that he is the farther of the child of his videographer.

This half man, who's wife was and still is suffering from cancer, the mother of his children, parading around the country denying any affair, much less the farther of the child of his hired videographer, should be taken to the cleaners by his wife.

What a nightmare this would have been for this country, to once again, watch another cheating President deny any wrong doing, until the facts eventually came out and forced him from office. How utterly destructive these people are to our moral fiber in this country.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The wait is over. Did the best man win?

Give credit to the 50% of voters who bothered to come out and vote. 2 plus million, some angry. some wanted the same old thing. Twenty one thousand made a choice for Kennedy. Thank God he wasn't responsible for Coakley's demise. As some of you have said all along, Coakley was not the candidate of the majority of the D's to begin with.

Lets see what impact, if any Brown has in Washington and how much time he will actually be able to be there, as he must do the very same thing, campaign and run, 1 year from now, for the 2012 election.

It's not all good news, for the wind farm off the Cape and in reality he may not be able to serve the Commonwealth as well as the supporters claim. Minority freshman Senators used to stand in the back of the room, not that long ago.

I wish Mr. Brown luck.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How many times have you heard, "your vote counts"?

In a few hours, those who follow the elections intently, will vote for who they have always voted for, one of them, of either party. Those 37% of one party and 13% of the other, will go to bed tomorrow night, feeling confident, that their vote counted, because, they voted for their party candidate and as we've all been told, only they have the answers. And those lucky party loyalists who have time and time again, elected the very same partisan prostitutes, selling our vote to the highest bidder, hi-jacking an entire Presidency, while taking millions from the very same people who brought this country to it's financial and moral knees will feel their vote counted. Yes in deed, the party that wins tomorrow, is the answer to our problems. Ask a party loyalist from the winning side on Wednesday.. they'll tell ya, my vote counted.

The rest of us, 51% of voters in our State, claim to be Independent. Much is said about the majority of voters, making a conscious decision NOT to be affiliated with a party. Those very same voters who in the last election came out in droves to flex their political will in the voting both, in electing the first Afro American president. I will admit that I was inspired by his goals, cheered his promises, felt for the first time, relief that someone I voted for would take on the machine in Washington, I even like the guy.

But as we have witnessed, all the great dreams and goals of our President, that millions of voters had hoped for, have not, will not, and may never be as we were promised and believed, could and should be. We've watched Health Care Reform gutted by greed and now is being challenged as unconstitutional. Clean energy, foiled by misinformation, Banking Reform, blinded by hypocrisy, Open government, is now closed, by the very same people who have had "their vote count" in the last election.

Just days before we vote, we are besieged with non stop political TV, radio, web and print ads, fliers sent to our homes, phone calls from elected officials, celebrity personal appearances, millions given to campaigns from both sides from all over the country, all to get us to vote for their party candidate. For some of the less informed independents, that little exsporue will be enough to vote for either candidate, believing their vote counted.

But for the rest, who have felt disillusioned by the inability of government to get anything done right, more wars, more hunger, more corruption, more and more of the same old thing in government, in our hearts, perhaps idealistic, we stand for what we believe in. Our access to the alternative is limited by those who are so entrenched in having their way, they will do anything to limit our exposure to anyone different than themselves.

I can't in good conscience vote for the same old thing, it's worthless to me. Nothing will ever change for most Americans. The influential rich will gain, the middle and lower class people will loose, no matter which side gets in. It's morally wrong for me to stand by idly and watch our world come a part and vote for either of the two party candidates.

The only candidate on record as saying he believes in ending the wars, having less government and less spending is the only candidate where my "vote counts", in my conscience.

Look what our tax dollars buy... campaign workers

You are Invited.....

Pre Election Rally! TODAY!

4:00 p.m.

Fuller Middle School Gymnasium
Flagg Drive, Framingham


Martha Coakley

John Kerry

Edward Markey

Vickie Kennedy

Pam Richardson
Tom Sannicandro
Tom Conroy

and other local leaders from Metrowest

Friday, January 15, 2010

Record pay for Banks

From the WSJ: Man on man... the next time some one from either party claims they have dealt with banking reform... ask them how.

The top 38 firms on pace to award 145 BILLION DOLLARS in pay for last year, UP 18%.
Obama now is threatening, a 90 BILLION DOLLAR tax on the banks over 10 years. Or the Congressional name "financial crisis responsibility fee" will effect about 50 banks, insurance companies and large broker dealers.

The action by the President is prompted by the deliberate attempt by Dodd to gut financial reform. Hi-jacked by his own corrupt party loyalist, from the insurance capital of the US, Dodd forces Obama to act quickly.

Their revenue estimated at 450 BILLION DOLLARS, a 25% increase from 2007.

These are the very same companies that we all were told were on the verge of insolvency?

I think it's very safe to deduce, given the profits and compensation being paid last year by the very same banks that were on the verge of collapse, this whole banking crisis may well turn out to be a scam... on all of us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Horror in Haiti

The untold catastrophic disaster that's unfolding now is beyond even what now we know as disasters. The death toll may reach 500,000, with 40 to 45 thousand Americans living in Haiti, a far away tragedy, in the most poorest of nations, await help from the world, primarily the US. Upwards of a third of the country has been effected. The worse natural disaster to hit this country in 200 years is now being covered by reporters on the scene. Look for the very worst voyeuristic TV at its best for weeks. My sincere and utmost admiration for those who will go there and look for life and I'm glad to see our President, step to the plate and get troops and relief supplies on the ground their.

Many groups are already there... if you wish to donate. Salvation Army, Oxfam, Red Cross, Catholic Charities, to name a few.

trouble getting on this blog?

I've asked Google why so many people are having trouble getting to our blog. This seems to be happening on a regular basis and even to me. Others from around the country have said the same thing.

Google wants to know what kind of troubles you are having? Any information you can give would be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last nights debate on PBS

With the usual disdain the media and the party loyalist have for third party candidates, it was good to see that all candidates were asked the same questions. But as usual, the media choose not to put out much of what Mr. Kennedy had said in reply to the questions.

Brown was on the attack and Coakley on her heels as the usual party line differences took over the answers. From the far left in Brown, to the far right in Coakley, one can see easily, how dysfunctional either candidate will be in the house that breeds indifference in Washington. Heath Care reform, terrorism, tax cuts, spending, are hot button items to talk about, but when either of the two parties try to reach a reasonable conclusion, to anything lately, nothing gets done for the people at the bottom.

Mr. Kennedy showed real poise and class, every ready with real answers that most independent thinkers would somewhat agree with. Calling out Brown's fiscal conservativeness must have been a shock to Brown, but Kennedy was right in doing so. Voting for Mr. Kennedy would not be a protest vote, nor a wasted vote like the party loyalists contend. Voting your conscience, or for a candidate that speaks to you, especially a candidate who wants smaller government, less war, reasonable tax cuts with decreased spending at the Federal level is something that crosses both party lines.

Those who pay attention to what government is doing, would have to admit, that the two party system is and has failed us. There's no room for compromise, common sense, but plenty of room for the 600 million dollars paid to lobbyists last year, plenty of room for illegal and unethcial behavior, plenty of space for closed door negotiations and secrecy. The ONLY way to slow down and stop this abusive system, that we call democracy, is to vote for people who represent us and not the parties that have caused most of our problems in the past 30 years. Kennedy is the only candidate that would break the cycle of business as usual in Washington.

Monday, January 11, 2010

SJC rules... Finneran can't practice law

For those of you junkies out there who followed the Finneran case back 8 years or so... the SJC ruled he will not get his license back to practice law. It's taken years for this justice to occur and as one who has brought attention to his crime of redistricting his district, eliminating some black neighbors who would not have voted for him, the Finneran era is finally done.

Beacon Hill is watching and for those who violate the trust of voters by fixing a race, watch out... the State is watching you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Breathalizers in cars

From the Globe: Since 2006, 4000 units have been deployed in cars of those drunk drivers convicted twice, when applying for license reinstatement or hardship appeals.
Of the hundreds who have gone through the program, only 30 have been arrested and convicted a third time, a recidivism rate of under 2%.

While a third of the people arrested for drunk driving each year, or about 18,000 are repeat offenders. 18,000 drunk drivers are caught last year... and wonder how many are not caught? The numbers could be staggering and I wonder why 18,000 devices were not used, instead of 4000.... there's clearly a need for them.

Their linning up to replace Deval

Cahill picks Loscocco for his running mate. The former house rep from Holliston from 2001-2008, switched from the R side to the Independent side. The press reports that he was asking to be Bakers running mate and even donated to Bakers campaign. Two former party loyalists will have their work cut out, trying to distance themselves from the partisan bickering that consumes Beacon Hill.

A voice from the past, Jill Stien, from the Green Rainbow party will announce her candidacy this month for the governors chair. Her platform will include taking back Beacon Hill from lobyists, the envirment, healthcare and jobs.

So we have for the R's, Baker and Tesi, Mihos and ?, No D's challenging Deval, two Independents Cahill and Loscocco and a Green Party candidate. We need now only a Libertarian to make a full house. With an estimated 10 million dollars to run for Governor, one has to wonder, how many promises and favors will it take to raise that type of money. 2010... year of change, hopefully.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Charging inmates

In a unanimous decision, the States Supreme court ruled that rogue sheriff (Hodgson) from Bristol County CANNOT charge inmates 5 dollars a day for room and board, prescriptions, haircuts, medical appointments and 12.50 for GED tests. The court order will make him pay back, 750,000 dollars he collected from 2002 to 04. God help him if he used that money for his own purpose.

The sheriff cites a centuries old English law in his reasoning for charging inmates. The Legislature is the only body that would decide this and the sheriff is lobbying support. Lets see if gains traction over this.

School reorganazation, new sewer and lawsuits

If you have little children in Framingham, you might want to find out how this will effect your kids next year and year after. More information can be addressed to

If you missed last nights BoS meeting: they decided to call for a special town meeting to consider two articles. One... to approve spending more money on sewer improvements 1.3 million to 1.5 million in the Framingham Tech Park. This money spent would allow a 150 million dollar expansion project to that area and could bring in nearly 1 million in revenue, down the road. Seems like the right thing to do... but it's clear, as seen on TV last night, the BoS had no idea this was coming and furthers the cause for a new way to govern here in Framingham.

The other article on tap would be to approve more legal fee's, not know as of now, to fend off a lawsuit from Nexum Corp against the Planning Boards decision to not allow a 25 lot cluster housing development (Fords Meadow) off of Nixon Road. Last spring a judge already ruled in favor of the planning board. The Town has already spent 300,000 in this case. It will be interesting to see how much more the Town has to spend on this.

Offshore wind farms in Mass

Some good news for wind energy fans. The Sate has designated certain area's off our coast to build wind farms. The plan allows for 266 wind turbines, 166 in two areas for commercial farms and 100 more turbines up and down the coast in smaller community projects.

Despite the now recognized request by two Indian tribes to prevent wind farms on their sacred grounds, which now are under water, the Feds have said they will bring all parties to the table in Washington next week and hammer out a compromise. If that can't happen, the feds are ready to pull the national park status of the waters off Cape Cod.

The Indians want clear sight to the horizon and now that the Park Service has designated Nantucket Sound as a national historic site, fisherman, ferries and even builders who build on land near the ocean, could be stopped in their tracks.

They must find a solution to these continued delays and soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 starts just like 2009 on Beacon Hill

State Sen. Anthony D. Galluccio was led away in handcuffs today, sentenced to one year in jail for violating the terms of his home confinement.

A judge sent the Cambridge Democrat off to jail after a full day of testimony over the senator’s failed Breathalyzer test Dec. 21.

The bigger question is, will Senate Pres Murray fire him or will they let him resign?
or, how many more elected officials will meet the same fate here in Mass in 2010?