Monday, February 8, 2010

vaccine-austisim connection rebuked

As an Uncle of a autistic child and having known parents of autistic children who, like many, firmly believe that the preservatives in the vaccines given over the years have somehow had an effect on the number of diagnosed autistic children. Which now seems to be close to an epidemic, leaving scientists, parents and would be parents to wonder, what the hell is going on.

A well know scientist Andrew Wakefield from Britain published a paper 12 years ago, in the Lancet, claiming children were immeasurably harmed by vaccines. For many years, the anti-vaccine crowd around the world held his work as the gospel. And now, the prestigious Lancet has pulled Dr. Wakefield paper, concluding he had shown "callous disregard for the children in his study and had abused his position of trust" in doing his research.

Today we hear on another study, that suggests women over 40 who have children late in life, have an increased chance of having an autistic child.

The scientific community should get their collective act together and find the ROOT cause of this now and not 5 or 10 years down the road. My non scientific opinion is that in the end, they will discover many environmental factors, including the damage to chromosomes, that has caused at least some of the health problems linked to this nightmare for unsuspecting parents. It's so very sad to think, that perhaps many of our health care problems will be related to what we have put into our bodies, where we lived and worked and the air and water we drank and breathed.

Cops overtime, electronic Tolls, home grown Con Man

If you haven't heard, our Town is being sued by 100 Cops seeking 1.2 million in back overtime pay. The Union's attorney contends that the Town never notified employees of any change in calculating overtime for many years. District Court has already ruled in favor of the Town and if the appeal by the cops is won, this Town will have to pay 1.2 million, PLUS pay more in the future for overtime pay. A decision may come in 6 months to year. This is just another example of how poorly Town officials communicate. Let's see if anyone brings this subject up for the Selectman race.

Deval looks at reducing time at toll booths with electronic toll collections. How long you ask, has this technology been around? for years and years. Will it make it easier for tolls to be collected from the North and South commuters who ride the roads for free? You bet it will and would finally address the issue of fairness and equal responsibility for the Big Dig dept, now shouldered by the Mass Pike commuters.

The feds have in custody one of our neighbors. Mr. Richard Elkinson of 2 Ford Lane is accused of bilking 29 million dollars from investors to his Company, Northeast Sales. Last year, investors filed civil action against him and is only now, after failing to appear at two superior court hearings, is finally being brought to justice. It goes to show, even in our little community, con men can live next door and no one notices.

Agent Orange health effects expanded

I would hope that all Veterans who were on the ground from 1962 to 1975 in Vietnam, know that they may qualify for disability compensation and health care benefits. A recent independent study by the VA added recognized disses that include lung cancer, prostate cancer and Hodgkins disease to the already know disses of Parkinson's disease, B cell leukemia ischemic heart disease.

While this new process is very long, 23 pages of instruction, vets are encouraged to contact the local veterans rep and go to to get more information. If a veteran dies of any of these agent orange diseases, he is presumed to have died as a result of him being in a combat zone and his property taxes are reduced for 5 years... something I never even heard of.

This country owes the veterans of the Vietnam War and their families, every drop of care money can buy and I hope anyone who knows a veteran from that era makes an effort to help get the word out. Considering 1 out of 3 homeless people are Vets, some may fall through the cracks and may never know they are entitled to health care and disability compensation.

The next forgotten group of Veterans with war related health care issues are from the Desert Storm wars and I hope that the Feds come to terms with the clear evidence that shows those vets have some of the very same health care problems as their counterparts from Vietnam.