Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beacon Hill bailing out Lawrence

The lines in the sand are drawn, if Lawrence wants the 35 million in bailout money from the State,newly elected Mayor and State Rep William Lantigua must resign his State Rep seat. Under pressure from Deval and the R's the State Rep is collecting two salaries for two jobs, 100,00 for being Mayor and 61,000 for his State Rep job. Part of the requirements Beacon Hill has put on the deal, is that Lawrence hire a financial overseer at a salary of 120,000 a year to oversee the money spent.

This guy has singled handily made the case for part time legislators and I hope he doesn't resign his House seat until he is forced out. As many of you already know, most House Reps have other jobs and incomes and the Mayor is going to make more trouble for those who insist on him leaving.

The Who, Undercover Boss and the Big Dig

After hearing some reviews of the Who playing at the Super Bowl, I'll say that their performance was nostalgic and heartwarming. To see them still rocking on and for me, the fact that the drummer is Rongo's son, who did a remarkable job, re creating that drum sound, made my evening.

From Business Week, we learn that the Undercover Boss, is no more real than any other reality TV show. Their review: The show consists of feeding the public's appetite, which has grown insatiable, after years of expert stimulation, with the mixture of sadism and sentimentality, cruel unfairness and poetic justice, ugly situations and happy endings, that most of us know by now are sheer delusions.

Another Big Dig crisis is looming. The ground under Fort Point channel and South Station, which was frozen by mechanical refrigeration, to protect the US Postal Service property, is now thawing. This thaw, being monitored by a 346,000 dollar consulting contract through 2011 by the MBTA, which is paid for by the settlement with Big Dig contractors, is expected to continue until 2014. Already, train tracks have been re aligned to accommodate the shift in the ground and will most likely lead to more leaks down the road. There will never be enough money from the settlement to completely fix the problems now and in the future. The only fair way to pay for this nightmare is to have commuters pay their fair share of the Big Dig in tolls.