Monday, February 15, 2010

Misquito Control and the Big Digs deadly saftey rails

Process to Exclude Property From Public Area Wide Pesticide Applications

State Regulation 333 CMR:13:03 provides a method for homeowners to exclude their property from public area wide pesticide applications. The regulation requires that residents send a certified letter to the town or city clerk by March 1st of each year. The certified letter should specify: your name, address, telephone number, the names of all abutters, and the spray program for which the exclusion is requested. In addition the boundaries of the property must be marked every 50' by orange surveyors tape or other appropriate means. Questions regarding the regulation can be answered by calling the Massachusetts Pesticide Bureau at (617) 626-1781. Questions on pesticide applications by the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project can be answered by calling (781) 899-5730.

Another Big Dig oversight that has killed 7 motorists, including a Mass State Trooper is now being exposed. The riling that is attached to the raised sidewalk for tunnel workers is to blame, according to a legal claim and experts. The wife of the trooper has filed a lawsuit in 2006, claiming her husband would have survived the crash, if the hand rails had been designed properly. While the defendants all say the hand rails are approved and safe, one has to wonder, how this might have been avoided in the first place and how many lives lost does it take, to resolve a problem.

The Amy Bishop story gets bigger

The tragic story in Alabama over the weekend of the three co workers of Amy Bishop who were killed at the University Of Alabama over a tenure issue is growing deeper. Back in 1986 Bishop shot and killed her brother, tried to car jack someone in an attempt to flee the area. As she was arrested at gun point and brought to the Braintree Police Station for booking, in one account, was lead out the side door of the police station without being charged, ordered by the former Police Chief, who later said the shooting was accidental. Her mother worked at the Town offices at the time. The Police Chief from Braintree now is saying the words cover-up as there is no record or evidence of the crime anywhere to be found. Now, authorities are looking at a bombing of a professors home, many years ago,in connection with with Bishop's killing spree in Alabama.

Question of the day, will there be a full investigation by the AG's office into whether there was a cover-up?

Lantigua resigns

Over the weekend the newly elected Mayor and State Rep from Lawrence resigned his House seat. Some time down the road, it will be discovered that Lawrence and the 35 million dollar loan guarantee from the State was held hostage until he resigned.

This was never about holding two paid positions in the State, nor was it about the double dipping loyalists who collect retirement benefits AND have full time State jobs. This was all about the notion that State Reps are full time jobs at full time salaries. If a State Rep could do two jobs, as many do now, they would have to admit, their jobs are at best, part time. DeLeo forced this issue, just to maintain status quo on the Hill. No one from Framingham ever asked Stephanini to resign his House seat when he was a Selectman and State Rep. Nor has anyone demanded any House Rep to resign because of their law practice or co ownership of any company.