Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's target practice Mr Speaker in this war of words

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo is warning gubernatorial candidates to back off the much-maligned Legislature during the cutthroat election year, vowing to return fire if lawmakers become a convenient campaign target.

“I’m, as speaker, not going to sit back idly and not fight back in terms of what we’ve done,” DeLeo told the Herald yesterday. “I think everybody wants to run against the Legislature . . . (but) I’m proud of the progress we’ve made.”

Are feeble threats made by the speaker going to stop anyone or any candidate from exposing what real problems this legislator has not dealt with before? Standing for a part time legislature, who when forced by a time line, makes secretive decisions, based on partisan politics, while taking millions from lobbyists, is exactly why his support of the dysfunctional, unethcial system of governing, will make excellent target practice for all who challenge the status quo. Who else is to blame? And what group of people were elected to fix the problems?

DeLeo and company cannot hide from the truth or mislead us any longer, to many average people see what the problem is and it's DeLeo and company.

Fire away candidates.