Friday, February 19, 2010

Interesting twist in Cape Wind saga

From the Globe, it appears that tribe member, who was recently hired by Cape Wind, alleges that he has never seen or heard of any unobstructed views in any sun ceremonies, saying, "fabricated cosmology".

The letter sent to Interior Sec Ken Salazar, Jeffery Madison, a Martha's Vineyard lawyer who was hired by Cape Wind states, "I am stating to you in all honesty and knowledge that I have never participated in, witnessed, or even heard of a sacred spot on the horizon that is relevant to any Aquinnah Wampanoag culture, history or ceremony. Nor did I see, or hear either my farther or grandfather conduct such a ceremony".

Very interesting twist and I'll bet Salazar uses it and gets this project going.

Crooks get indicted.

The list grows. RMV worker from Framingham is indicted for taking bribes for fake drivers licenses. 10 counts of falsification of a drivers license, attempted falsification, bribery and identity theft.

Our neighbor from Framingham is indicted on 18 counts of fraud in connection with his 29M dollar ponzi scheme. Move over Bernie, you have a cell mate.

And last but not least, a Trooper from Stoneham was charged with accepting a 50.00 bribe to falsify vehicle inspection records for two men connected to a Revere body shop. One has to wonder, how many years this has been going on, undetected.

More stimulus money for the State.

We got a gift it appears from Washington, 132 million. As the Globe reports, States have been looking for enhanced reimbursements from the Fed for Medicare prescription drug coverage for residents who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

Beacon Hill is licking their chops over this. While it's unclear where that money will go, it's presumed to help us get to July 1 and perhaps stop any more bleeding.