Monday, February 22, 2010

Per diem's for our Reps

From Beacon Hill Roll Call, the State, (we) gave 474,383 dollars to House Reps for mileage, meals and lodging, "for each day for travel from his place of residence to the State House and return, therefrom, while in the performance of his official duties, upon certification to the State treasurer that he was present at the Statehouse".

Richardson put in for 123 trips for 2,214.00, while Sannicandro was given 3,016.00 for 116. Other notable neighbors, Dykema, 93, Linsky from Natick, 2,340.00 for 130. The highest amount for 2009 went to Rep Timothy Madden D from Nantucket, 14,900.00 dollars.

Very few put in for no per diems and is not meant to say they didn't show up for work. It simply means that they choose not to list the number of days and not to request their per diems. Conroy from Wayland, did not list any days at the Statehouse and asked for no per diems.

So.. in Richardson's case, 24 weeks or so she went to the Statehouse, 29 weeks or so she did not.

Is it a part time job or not?

Profits over safety for Toyota and GlaxoSmithKline

According to the WSJ, Toyota's top leaders in July rolled out a power point presentation from Toyota Safety Group that claimed a win when they convinced the National Highway Administration to allow Toyota to recall only 55,000 Lexus ES and Camry vehicles in response to complaints of sudden acceleration. This move saved Toyota 100 million dollars. Toyota president Akio Toyota will testify in front of Congress this Wednesday. The US Department of Transportation is investigating whether civil fines against the company for failing to comply with regulations governing safety recalls.

Profits over safety also include a recent FDA investigation. Glaxo makes Avandia a popular diabetes drug that is now and it appears, has in the past, been linked to heart attacks. The investigation is looking into why the FDA had ignored the studies that showed an increase risk of heart attacks. Global sales of this drug for 2009 were 1.2 billion dollars. And in the end, it will be shown that this drug should have been scrutinized more by the FDA and that Glaxo will end up in litigation and some time years from now, huge settlements will be settled.If you are on this drug, please be aware of the findings and risks.