Friday, February 26, 2010

The roundtable with Obama

If you caught a glimpse of the meeting with the D's, R's and President Obama over the Health Care Reform proposals, you witnessed the perfect storm of political theater coupled with the ideological differences between the two parties, that was embarrassing to watch. Grown men and women claiming their set of facts are true, while the other side says no. It's sad to see, after all the debates, how millions of dollars of lobbyists money has divided this country and crippled what little work gets done in Washington for so many critical issues. Both sides, just like here in Mass, should be ashamed and embarrassed.

More trouble for Beacon Hill, Deval and others

As I had written last year, the fallout from the upcoming DiMasi trail may well be the end for Deval and others who were connected to the awarding of a software contract. In the trail many who knew what was going on will be testifying, under oath, just before the election in November.

Reading the tea leaves, some 30 reps are not going to run again, leaving an opportunity for a seriuos change on the Hill, if and only if, reasonable, middle-of the-road, Independent, unconnected to any party, civic minded people from across the state to get on the ballot. Anyone who voted for DiMasi, just weeks before he had to resign, will and should be challenged and beaten in open debates. The is no cover for these people and they know it.

The historically ineffective and unproductive track record for Beacon Hill mirrors what has just happened this week. On Wednesday, a Constitutional Convention was convened at 1:06 PM, (meaning both House and Senate meet jointly)to consider amendments proposed to the State Constitution, either by initiative petition or legislative action. The agenda has 17 proposals intended to improve the way the commonwealth is governed, including reforming the legislative redistricting process, abolishing the Governors Council, limiting state spending, repealing automatic pay raises for legislators and restricting the use of eminent domain.

The Constitutional Convention was first convened in May of 2009, but recessed 13 minutes later. It reconvened in Sept, 2009 and was recessed immediately until Feb 24th. On Wednesday, Senate Pres Murray recessed the joint session at 1:07 PM.

Bottom line: Nothing good will ever happen, for the voting tax payers, as long as Murray, DeLeo and all their ruling elitist followers are voted out of office. And this year, unlike any I've seen in the past 20, could very well happen. Normal everyday people are sick and tired of the way Beacon Hill operates and can judge for themselves, those who continue the disgraceful inability to get anything meaningfully done.